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Virtumach Stationery is a 100% black female owned registered company supplying quality stationery at a reasonable price to wholesalers, small-medium businesses and schools of all sizes.

One would ask why start another stationery company, I mean there are so many. What is so different about my company? I don’t know if my company is different from other stationery companies, but I do know that I am very different from most people that become entrepreneurs. The reason I became an entrepreneur was not to make money even though ultimately that is where I want to be. I became a business owner to make a difference in my community, create employment, build lasting relationships with people and  to build a legacy that my family can be proud to associate themselves with.

What I find is lacking in this time is good customer services, good communication between customer and company. I want to bring back that old way of appreciating people who buy from you and thanking them for their support. Good moral values and ethics, things that have become outdated , the kind of things that were the foundation of our communities where customer was king and companies served the community.






Our intention is to be the market leaders in our industry;

We aim to be the most efficient and competitive in the industry;

To serve our customers with a wider selection of office and back to school stationery with even more dedication.

Customer satisfaction is one of our main concerns.

To always be professional, sincere, and honest and deal with integrity.



The main purpose of our business is to supply high quality products and affordable prices;

Stationery and office supplies at the most competitive prices and with prompt delivery services, all at a reasonable profit that must be beneficial and acceptable to both, the client and for us;

A one stop office stationery supplier, be it for your printers, presentations, calculations, etc